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10/3 - 11/9

Are you ready to treck into fall focused on prioritizing your physical and mental health?! Well buckle up because my 6 week Fit For Fall Challenge will give you everything you need to create a consistent routine of exercise, encourage you with a nutrient dense eating approach, and guide you with daily/weekly practices to help you feel more grounded and in touch with yourself! Together, we will get STRONGER and learn what it means to BE CONSISTENT and PRIORITIZE OUR HEALTH.

With me as your coach, a fun & engaging community of people right alongside you, LIVE virtual workouts to help hold you accountable and experience community, and access to a growing library of On-Demand workouts to access at ANY time, you will experience positive growth and opportunities to improve your health in many ways!

Fit For Fall is a 6 week program created to provide you with workouts that are designed to build strength, burn fat, and increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. We will talk about nutrient dense eating, eating to FUEL our bodies and minds, how to create lasting change, and focus on daily movement.
Through attending/completing the twice a week strength-based HIIT workouts you will build lean muscle, burn fat, increase your cardiovascular endurance, and experience new found motivation through the power of showing up together! Each workout is formulated from the science behind the NASM Optimal Performance Training Model to produce the most effective results over the course of this 6 week challenge! We will utilize strength building basics to build lean muscle & burn fat, engage in stabilization moves to increase balance and core stability, and increase power through power building cardio moves. 

The Live Workout Schedule:

Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6:00 AM MST

Plus 1 weekly BONUS LIFT shared via Instagram

Can't make it to the live class? Access all workouts On-Demand and workout how best fits your schedule!

MGF Daily/Weekly Goals:

Another way that you will be challenged to show up for yourself is through striving towards the below goals on a daily/weekly basis. Each goal has been specifically chosen to help you make the Fit For Fall Challenge as transformational as possible from both a physical and mental health standpoint.. 

  • Complete the 2 MGF workouts each week live or on-demand

  • Daily movement - 30 minutes: get moving on our non MGF workout days! Go for walks, do additional strength training, some yoga/stretching, whatever your body is feeling it needs!

  • Focus on consuming TWO Nutrient Dense meals/day 

  • Utilizing Snacks as a time to get in additional nutrients through veggies, fruit, healthy fats, and protein!

  • Noticing when you're stressed and engaging in deep breathing techniques to lower cortisol levels

  • Daily/Weekly scheduled meditation & reflection

  • Choosing Confidence!

The Workouts:

30-45 minutes of muscle building, fat burning, cardio conditioning and fun! MGF Strength Based HIIT Workouts feature strength based exercises utilizing light to medium weight dumbbells, resistance bands, and body weight moves along with high intensity cardio moves worked in throughout to keep the heart up and further challenge your cardiovascular and muscular endurance & strength in specifically formatted work to rest ratios.

In each workout you will burn major calories, increase your strength, boost your metabolism and improve your overall health with other's pushing themselves right along side you. I'll be guiding and cheering you on throughout the entire class! 


Equipment Needed:

1 Pair of Medium Weight Dumbbells (est. 8-12lbs)

1 Single Heavy Kettlebell or Pair of Dumbbells (est. 30-40lb KB or 20lb DB pair)

Loop Resistance Bands

So what are you waiting for?! Join the MGF Community in the MGF Fit For Fall Challenge and take charge of your physical and mental health! This Challenge will help you to feel good inside and out through providing you with a consistent exercise routine with workouts geared towards fat loss, muscle definition & increased strength. It will help you to increase your confidence both mentally and physically, will provide you with a community of support around you that will help to hold you accountable in meeting and maintaining your health and fitness goals, and will give you some good laughs along the way! 

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