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The Fit For Fall Challenge was a great motivator for me! As always with MGF programs, having a set routine for exercise, with an awesome group of people, is beneficial for me to maintain my fitness and health goals! I felt like Fit For Fall really pushed me to be physically stronger and I enjoyed every workout that Morgan created for us. (She ALWAYS crushes it)



I see huge progress and people have even been commenting on how strong I look. Just knowing I feel better each time I do a class (live or recorded) or go on a run, I feel like my endurance and strength is so much higher and to pair that with clear results in how I look is so awesome!

Thank you so much Morgan for empowering us to keep it moving!! You are a gift in many ways! Thank you, thank you....I know have a sense of strength I did not once have and overall feel better


I saw a lot of progress in my endurance and strength overall. I also saw a huge change in my motivation and ability to sustain the workouts week by week


The Fit For Fall Challenge made me stronger for all the things I wanted to and built more consistency into my week. I felt proud of myself for completing almost all of the workouts.



The workouts have just been so great. I love how you explain where to focus each exercise... that's so helpful for me! I've been loving them!


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