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Workout Programming

Personalized weekly workouts designed to guide you in creating the strong and toned physique you've been longing for. 

This is the do-from-anywhere online personal trainer experience without the lofty traditional trainer fee. I will personally customize each exercise, weight selection, and rep count specific your physique goals!

What's Included?

  • Strategically Designed Workouts to Meet Your Individual Goals and Fitness Level Needs

  • Customized Weekly Workouts That Produce Real & Lasting Results

  • Easy to Follow How-To Exercise Videos for Each Exercise

  • Bi-Monthly or Monthly Check-In Calls With On-going Texting Communication

  • Professional Coaching & Accountability

Is This Program For Me?

I want you to ask yourself the below questions..


  • Do you struggle with deciding what to do for exercise at home or at the gym?

  • Is your health important to you and you want to make sure your body is strong and capable in all life stages? 

  • Do you have fitness or physique goals that you want to meet and maintain?

  • Do you want a professionally licensed and experienced Personal Trainer to design transformational workouts for you and help give you the tools you need to meet your goals?​

If You Answered Yes Any of the Above Questions Then...

YES, Workout Programming with me may be the perfect fit for you! This monthly subscription gives you professional one on one coaching and exercise guidance at a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training! There is a minimum 3 month commitment to the program, which will help you to really dive into the program, stay consistent with it, and see results! As a NASM certified Personal Trainer and being certified in Pre-Post Natal and Diastase Recti Rehabilitation and Training, you can be confident in my ability to guide you through most phases of life from being a young athlete or beginner exerciser, to getting "wedding ready," or journeying through pre and post pregnancy, and on into the later stages of life!

Consistency is key when it comes to exercise and MGF Workout Programming takes the guess work out of figuring out WHAT to do in order to see and feel the results you have been desiring. 

Each week I will program in your workouts for the week using the Truecoach App, which upon registering you will have access to at no additional cost. You will receive notifications when workouts are uploaded and friendly reminders to complete them throughout the week! Each exercise comes with a video that shows you how to properly perform the exercise along with helpful cues from me to keep your focus on and ensure you are doing them correctly. Workouts will be customized using whatever equipment you have access to if you are working out from home, or at a local gym.

While consistency is key when it comes to seeing change, correct form in how you perform each exercise is equally as important. My focus for you is to transform your muscles, strength, and body, and in order to achieve that, we must make sure proper form is occurring and correct muscle engagement in each exercise!

If you are eager to get started or ready try a new approach to your fitness routine then I encourage you to get started and register TODAY! I am so excited that you are ready and willing to make this commitment to your health and give yourself the professional support and coaching you need to see transformation & consistency in your life. 

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you to see the results you've been desiring!

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