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Why You Should Prioritize Strength Training In Your Weekly Workout Routine...

By Morgan Grace Fit

There are soo many benefits to regular strength training from increased bodily health and function to physique aesthetics and emotional well being. There’s certainly a reason why the American Heart Association recommends at least 2 days per week of regular strength training for optimal health and wellness. Let’s take a deeper look into why building strength training into your weekly workouts is in your best interest from a health standpoint, but also how it can transform your physique, emotional well being and confidence…


  1. Increased Muscle Mass - engaging in regular strength training helps to maintain and build muscle mass. Because muscle mass naturally decreases with age, it is important to engage in regular training that will reverse the muscle loss trend

  2. Joint Flexibility - Maintaining muscular strength helps the joints to stay flexible which is important for everyday movement, activity enjoyment, and can also reduce symptoms of arthritis

  3. Strength Training Builds Stronger Bones - Stronger muscles increases bone density and reduces the risk of fractures

  4. Weight Management - Believe it or not, the more muscle you have, the more easily your body burns calories, which inherently helps with weight management. Your body uses up more energy (burns more calories) when maintaining a more muscular body composition - Also why eating enough protein each day is important for building and maintaining muscle mass!!

  5. Balance - Strengthening exercises can increase both flexibility and balance. Having good balance helps with exercise and training performance, as well as is important for day to day life and activities. This is especially important as people age, reducing risk of falls and injuries


  1. Fat Loss - Strength training helps with excess fat loss by increasing “after-burn” after exercise (i.e. increased calories burned after exercise); and by increasing muscle tissue, which is more metabolically active than fat (i.e. overall you will burn more calories *regardless of what the watch says!* which aids in fat loss)

  2. Increased Metabolism - When you increase your muscle, you also increase your metabolism, which means you are burning more calories throughout the day (also why refueling properly is important because we have to have enough fuel to keep building and maintaining muscle!)

  3. Stimulates Muscle Growth - Strength training stimulates the release of the human growth hormone which aids in building muscle and burning fat. This hormone release also increases insulin sensitivity, which helps control blood sugar and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

  4. Stronger Looking Physique - Building muscle through strength training can build muscle in desired areas like the arms, legs, and glutes, while also trimming in areas like around the waist. Fat loss combined with strength training allows one to see increased muscle definition throughout the body, resulting in a stronger & more lean physique


  1. Feel Empowered - Lifting weights can produce a real feeling of empowerment and confidence as they can be do-able, tangible exercises that one can challenge one’s self through by lifting various weight sizes, and pushing one’s self through varying reps, sets and times to complete the workout

  2. Increased Mental Toughness - Strength training trains your mental toughness to continue when things seem impossible, it trains your ability to focus on the ask at hand, and to believe that you are capable of reaching new levels of mental and physical strength

  3. Increased Confidence - The combination of feeling inner strength develop through lifting weights, seeing physical change happen, and knowing you’re efforts are building these changes all come together to help increase one’s confidence

  4. Improved Mood & Cognitive Function - Weight training changes your brain chemistry, releasing endorphins, which helps to improve your mood. Building physical strength has also been shown to reduce depression, anxiety and negative moods and instead boost self-esteem

After reading through this long list of strength training benefits, are you even more thrilled that you are a part of the Commit To Fit Virtual Workout Challenge that is solely designed to build and maintain strength along with increasing cardiovascular strength?

Here at MGF I am committed to bring you strength based programs that will support your bodily health and function and leave you feeling empowered and more confident in yourself. I believe in utilizing exercise as an outlet not just to stay healthy and active, but to learn and grow from and feel empowered through.

I have first hand experienced the benefits both physically and mentally of transitioning from a mostly cardio workout regiment, to a now mostly strength training workout regiment and there is no looking back for me!

From achieving more significant physique changes to feeling stronger and more empowered from within and experiencing increased athletic performance in activities, I see strength training as an outlet most worth investing in and finding a community to be a part of to share one’s journey with.

MGF is truly a fitness community and home where you can be and feel inspired, equipped, challenged, and uplifted in your fitness journey, yet while having fun along the way! If you are currently enrolled in the current Virtual Workout Challenge - I am so glad you are here and am thrilled to be a part of your fitness journey to kick off 2022! If you are not apart of the current Challenge and want to try out a class - head over to the lives classes page on my website here to join us for a live workout! OR fill out the contact me form to receive more information on upcoming challenges starting in March!

I hope this article encourages, inspires, and gives you greater insight into the benefits of strength training and why you should prioritize building it into your weekly workout routine! For more fitness & health tips & inspo, follow me on my Instagram @morgangracefit.

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