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Low Self-Esteem Days and Tips To Move Past Them

We all have those days when…

  • Confidence is low

  • We feel like “Progress” doesn’t seem to be happening as quickly as we’d like it to

  • We find ourselves doing a lot of comparison to others or to ourselves in previous life stages

  • We just flat out don’t feel GOOD about our current state (physical or mental)

I’m here to tell you that these days and feelings come.. and they also go.. and they are experienced by EVERYONE.

My mom used to always repeat the phrase to me “this too shall pass” and sometimes when I am in a tough or uncomfortable spot in life or feeling throughout the day I find myself remembering that phrase and it gives me comfort in that whatever I am feeling, I will move on from and it does not control me.

Feelings come and they go. That’s exactly what feelings are and are designed to be. And while we cannot always control when the not so great feelings come up (lack of confidence, apatheticness, comparison, maybe moodiness, or obsessive thoughts, being self-criticizing); we CAN control our response to them when we recognize them creeping up and turn the page on them to more positive feelings and mental states.

How to combat these feelings?

  1. Take a moment to experience them. It’s ok for them to come up and it’s a natural part of life

  2. Identify what exactly it is you are feeling, why that may be, and where that is leading your mind to go

    1. For women - knowing when I am in that 0-15 day range leading up to my cycle helps tremendously knowing common PMS symptoms and helps alleviate for me the stress of experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms that make me not feel like myself

    2. Is it stress-related from work or relationship things causing you to feel negatively about other aspects of your life?

    3. Is it just a dark and dreary day outside? Weather and lack of sunshine affects our mental and emotional health in so many ways.

  3. Now that you’ve identified and experienced these feelings, replace them by reciting the necessary truths to yourself

    1. Your value & worth is not in your feelings or your body/skin/face, but rather in WHO YOU ARE - you are loved and accepted just for being you

    2. Remember all that you do to take care of yourself and your body & mind AND all that your body does for you

    3. Stand tall (roll your shoulders back and open up your chest and maybe even move into a power stance for 20 seconds) and remember that YOU ARE CAPABLE to achieve, to grow, and to choose confidence in who you are NOW in this very moment

  4. Now that you’ve worked through the above, DO something to produce and manifest positivity

    1. Maybe start with simply holding a smile for 20 seconds, or talk to someone who will make you laugh or feel seen

    2. Get moving - whether it’s a quick 5-10 minute walk or moving around your house to a full on workout. Movement gives way to endorphins which can make us feel refreshed, happier, and give us a feeling of accomplishment

    3. Or maybe manifest or write down positive things about yourself, the effort you bring into each day, and the things about you and your life that are positive, motivate you and bring you joy

Everyone’s health & fitness journey is different. Both mentally and physically. Don’t compare your few months or year long journey to someone else who’s maybe been on their journey for 3, 5 or 10+ years.

If you put in the time and effort to intentionally create balance and joy in your life and put in the work it takes along the way, you will grow to a place of consistency & balance. That might mean making some changes here and there to find what works best for YOU, but that’s all a part of the health & fitness growth process. Finding what works for the way you function and what you enjoy.

Our bodies will change throughout our lives, and different seasons may allow us to be more or less active. But we can control how we treat our bodies and minds each day amidst those changes/restrictions. Taking care of ourselves through daily movement (even just 10-20 minutes does more than you think), sun exposure, and eating with the intention to fuel and heal our bodies and minds allows us to be kind to ourselves and give our bodies the things it needs to function at its best and for us to feel good inside and out.

So the next time you are experiencing a bad body image or low self-esteem day, come back to these tools to experience, identify, be reminded of truths, and do what you need to do to produce positivity and move forward!

“This too shall pass”

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