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Say hello to meeting your prenatal fitness needs with the MGF Prenatal Fitness Series!


This fitness series is filled with full follow along workout classes designed to build and maintain full body strength while working on inner core and pelvic floor strengthening moves to keep you feeling strong & supported throughout your pregnancy, help prepare you for labor, and assist in a faster recovery postpartum! 

Eager to take the guess work out of how to go through your pregnancy while exercising safely and in ways that will benefit you and your baby? MGF Prenatal Fitness Series is the program for you to accomplish training safely and in the most effective ways to keep you strong, active and prioritizing movement throughout your pregnancy. 

What's Included?

  • Strategically Designed Workouts to Maintain and Build Full Body Strength to Support Mom and Baby Throughout Pregnancy

  • Detailed Guidance On Inner Core & Pelvic Floor Strength In Each Workout

  • Professional Coaching & Training From a Certified Prenatal Fitness Specialist

  • Moving Through Each Trimester Informational Guide: Tips, tricks and detailed information on what to expect in each trimester, changes & modifications to make and how to approach fitness as your pregnancy progresses

Equipment Needed:

  • Light-Medium weight dumbbells (8-12lbs)

  • Challenging weight dumbbells (15-25lbs)

  • Resistance bands

  • Barre ball

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